Zozima[women focused chikankari startup in 2021]


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Zozima is an e-commerce platform for women

Chikankari kurta based Zozima is a  digital platform founded by Shadab Rais and Abdul Majid aiming  at the mission “to deliver Chikankari Kurtas to global market” 

Zozima is the clear combination of technology with the conventional mode of selling chikankari products in the Tier1 cities targeting women of the age of 18-45 years.    

startup Zozima
Website www.zozimamart.com
Founded Jan, 2021
Headquarters Lucknow, India
Products Chikankari Kurtas  
Revenue Model B2C, Profits sharing


How did Zozima start in 2021?

In 2016, After completing his bachelor’s in technology, Mr. Rais started working in Piaggio vehicles, Lucknow. In 2018 he started working towards the venture, Zozima online private limited.

In 2020, where pandemic has hit the world, shadab has seen a drastic rise in online shopping so he thought this is the right moment to quitting his job to pursue a career in entrepreneurship.

Hailing from Lucknow, the capital city of Uttar Pradesh, where Chikankari Kurtas were in huge demand, shadab got an idea to build a platform especially for Chikankari kurtas, Bootstrapping with INR 500K Zozima has born in 2021. 

Zozima overview



where does Zozima stand now in 2021?

This chikankari kurta-based startup has delivered 9000+ orders after launching the platform and the feedback was also promising from the customer side with the return rate as low as 5% till July.

This Lucknow-based startup has garnered INR 1 Mn in total revenue since its inception in Jan, 2021.

Zozima Expansion

According to shadab, “by the end of 2022, we have to successfully deliver 100,000 orders all around the globe” and have to be in one of the emerging startups.



Why is chikankari famous?

chikankari are famous for being qualitative fabric made by handcrafting

What are chikankari kurtas?

Chikankari kurtas are made out of pure cotton fabric handgratfed by few skillful workers

What is chikankari called in English?

Cotton Embroidery fabric


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