Ingenium Education[A new Edtech startup helping coaching Institutes and Students in 2021]


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Ingenium Education is an EduTech Startup 

What is Ingenium Education?

Ingenium Education is an Educational-tech startup that acts as an Intermediary between coaching institutes/teachers and students, focuses on delivering smart educational services across India, founded by Mr.Pramudit Somvanshi, Mr.Mohit Patel, and Mr.Aakash Gupta in the year 2018.

Started on a mission “to build an ecosystem for students, coaching Institutes, teachers to provide adaptive education, quality content with better affordability, accessibility”

Envisioned itself Ingenium Education, “to increase the learning outcome of each and every student under its platform”  

Startup Ingenium Education
Founded Jun 2018
Headquarters New Delhi, India
Products SaaS
Revenue Model B2C, Subscriptions

How did Ingenium Education start in 2018?

While studying in the 3rd year of Engineering in IIT-Roorkee, in 2016, Mr.Pramudit had started Ingenium but it was a way different model to of now, they had realized that the idea they have wasn’t ready for the market fit. So they opened a coaching institute.

They started the institute and were running for 10 months where they use to teach Maths, Science from class 6 to 10, from which they got the idea of micro-smart tuition in Tier2, Tier 3, cities of India.

According to Mr.Pramudit, there are several hundreds of teachers who run their respective local coaching institutes who face many administration, Marketing challenges etc.,

Since Many students go to their local Coaching institutes if they empower local coaching institutes then it could indirectly empower those students, and this is the reason Ingenium Education was Reborn in 2018.   

Here is a quick overview of Ingenium Education


How Ingenium is Empowering Education system

This Delhi-based startup acts as a Tech Partner to upskill and upscale these local coaching institutes which do lack Infrastructure and Marketing, Better management of these institutes will increase the accessibility and affordability which will reduce the prices for students eventually.

Where does it stand now in 2021? 

This Saas-based startup has been started with a founding team of 3 in 2018 but has grown to a team of 16 in 2021. In 2018 they use to make 4 sales per month against 200 sales per day in 2021.

This edtech startup has been in 150+ cities of Tier2, Tier3, all over India, with adding 5000+ Teachers Partners to their Platform, serving 60000+ students to date, It has attempted over 10,000,000+ questions, conducted over 50000+ hours of live classes, and 3,000,000+ hours of video courses conducted.

Ingenium Education Services via App

  • Smart Attendance
  • Live Classes
  • Fee Management
  • Upload Study Material
  • Sell your Courses
  • Test Creator
  • Online Tests
  • Student Reports
  • Class Management
  • Send Daily Notices

This startup acts as an aggregator between Coaching institutes or teachers and a Million students.

Ingenium Adaptive Education

According to Mr.Pramudit, This Coaching focused startup follows its curriculum of Adaptive education depending upon the skill set of each and every student and will help in increasing their learning outcomes.


Ingenium Pricing

This Delhi-based edtech startup has a wide range of pricing such as Annual Subscription, Bienally Subscription, Quarterly Subscription.

Expansion Plans

Currently, This student & teacher-focused startup is planning to have a maximum number of teachers on their platform, from all over India. They are working on One Platform Vernacular, content Vernacular like Marathi, Gujarathi, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Konkani, Bhojpuri,etc..,

This Tech provider is aggressively planning to expand its network of coaching institutes over 10000+ in the coming year., It has come with a New feature of Chat where students can know what is happening among their Patreons.

Mr.CEO has told “we provide white-labeled Mobile App to Teachers, small & Medium-sized Institutes and help them Upscale” 

Ingenium Funding

This friends-founded startup has raised its Undisclosed Amount from its Angel Investment round Including the likes of Indian Angel Network, Lead Angels.

Ingenium Founders

Mr.Pramudi Somvanshi, the CEO, completed his Engineering from IIT-Roorkee

Mr.Mohit Patel, CTO, completed his Engineering from IIT-Roorkee

Mr.Akash Gupta, COO, Completed his graduation from IHM-Mumbai


What are EdTech apps?

1.Testbook, 2.Adda247, 3.Unacademy, 4.Doubtnut, 5.Edmodo

What is EdTech teacher?

A teacher who teaches his/her students over internet is an Edtech teacher

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