Ri8brain[A kids focused e-learning startup in 2021]


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Ri8brain is an ed-tech platform exclusively meant for training in creative arts. 

What is Ri8Brain?

Ri8brain is a e-learning platform, providing professional training and upskilling to young and budding artists in the field of their choice, aimed at the mission “to emerge as a global platform of mentors for passionate, creative talents across the world”.  

This edtech startup is the go-to upskilling destination for right-brainers and prospective professionals in the creative arts industry and beyond.    

startup Ri8brain
Website www.ri8brain.com
Founded 2020
Headquarters Trivandrum, India
Products Creative arts skills  
Revenue Model B2C , B2B

How did  Ri8Brain started in 2020

In present days we live in where a job as a means of livelihood is undergoing rapid transformation, today youngsters were not merely looking for a livelihood, they are looking for a profession that adds value to their life.

Arts and creative fields are not yet considered viable career options and artists often lack the confidence and skill to pursue their art as career.

Toonz  Media group thought of solving the problem by creating an ed-tech platform exclusively meant for training in creative arts that’s how Ri8brain has started in 2020. 

Here is a quick overview of Ri8Brain


Where does Ri8Brain Stands now?

This edtech startup has a core team comprising of 20 members, having a total of  50+ courses in the curriculum right from doodling to film making.

The Trivandrum-based  startup is currently working on establishing itself as a trusted provider in the crowded edtech market, by launching masterclasses, workshops, webinars, free trials etc..,


Ri8Brain Expansion

Ri8brain to be one of the growing startups in edtech environment is planning to expand from India in the first year, to Asia-pacific Region in the second year and establish itself globally thereafter.


Ri8Brain Funding

Toonz media global backed Ri8brain has raised seed funding of INR 2 Mn by a private group. 



Which is the best EdTech company?

1.Edureka ; 2.Melvano; 3.MyClassCampus; 4.Testbook; 5.Upgrad; 6. Unacademy 7.Simplilearn 8.CareerAnna; 9.Adda247 10.skillDzire; 11.Vedantu 12.Classplus; 13.udemy 14.doubtnut, 15.Byju's

What is an EdTech company?

A company that provides educational services like training, courses, certifications over the internet with the help of an application or website. coursera,edx,byju's are edtech companies

Who are the biggest players in EdTech?

Byju's, Unacademy, Vedantu, Upgrad are few big players in edtech.

Who is the owner of toonz animation?

P. Jayakumar, an accomplished media and entertainment professional and an Animation Visual effects Gaming & Comics (AVGC) industry. Mr. Jayakumar is a member of the prestigious International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. He has been on the jury of the elite Emmy Awards panel.

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