[A New Growing Fintech Startup in 2021]

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Share with: is a Platform for Deep Tech financial Products. is an AI-enabled fintech startup, Founded by Jitendra Dhaka, Himanshu Pujari, and Sandeep Chaudary on a Mission to empower consumers to save money and time on financial products such as Loans, Insurance policies, credit/debit cards, Investments, Tax Services, etc.., through safe, easy, and trustable shopping. 

Startup Banksathi Technologies Pvt Ltd
Founded  Jan 15, 2020
Headquarters New Delhi, India
Products    Bank Loans, Insurance, SaaS  
Revenue Model B2B2C, Affiliates, Advertising Commission  

How does start in 2020?

With a Comprehensive career of 10 years in Digital Marketing and previous experience as a digital marketer in Crazzleplus, Jitendra was very keen on solving problems And was interested in fintech Products which led him to start focusing on people around him and their difficulties in procedures such as bank loans, credit/debit cards, Investment Decisions, Tax Filings due to their less knowledge in finance.

Here, Mr.Dhaka saw an opportunity to solve the problems As a result, started Banksathi on January 15, 2020, with a bootstrapped capital of  INR 10,00,000 and a Team of 15 with Jaipur, India being as its first branch.

Here is a quick overview of BankSathi

BankSathi overview

Where does Banksathi stand now?

As a growing fintech Startup in 2021, Banksathi has been Operating in North India with around 60 branches and a team of 25 in various functions and focuses on B2B and B2C. has partnered with the likes of Kotak Bank, ICICI Bank, IndusInd Bank, Citi Bank, RBL Bank, HDFC Bank, Yes Bank, SBI General Insurance, Bharti Axa, IFFCO-TOKIO General Insurance

This New generation fintech startup now has 10000+ Members as registered Advisors covering around 3000+ Pin Codes involving 500+ districts and generating approximately US$ 150,000 (1 Cr INR) in Advisors Income. is aiming at expansion in south India as well in the coming months. Funding: has recently raised Pre-seed Funding of US$ 200,000 (1.46 Cr INR) from the likes of Dinesh Godara, Founder of Tread, Aditya Talwar & Anuj Ahuja, Founders of Studybase, and Rajendra Lora Founder of Freshokartz


According to the CEO of banksathi, “these funds are to be used for further Business Expansion and Research & Development in various departments“. was told to Jobifynn

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Does Banksathi have the App?

Yes, Banksathi has its Android App on Google PlayStore with the name “Banksathi Advisors” with an over 4.4 stars Rating.


Who are Banksathi’s Founder(s)?

Jitendra Dhaka, CEO
Himanshu Pujari, COO
Sandeep Chaudary, CMO


Is Banksathi’s related to any other company?

No, Banksathi is not related to any other company, It is completely an Independent company registered under  RoC-Delhi.


Who are the competitors of Banksathi?

Banksathi has only very few competitors as Loansathi, Dhanasathi.


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