Codeyoung[An edtech focused startup helping kids to code in 2021]


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Codeyoung is an edtech Platform for teaching coding to kids

What is codeyoung? 

Codeyoung is the coding-teaching startup founded by Shailendra Dhakad and Rupika Taneja in 2019, on a mission  “to enable every kid in the world to get exposed to coding & take up the computer language”

Codeyoung envisioned “providing education that empowers kids” 

startup Codeyoung
Founded Nov 2019
Headquarters Bengaluru, India
Products Teaching Coding  
Revenue Model B2C, Subscriptions

How did codeyoung start in 2019?

Shailendra and Rupika were studying at IIT-Delhi, they both met in the second year of their Engineering in 2015, After graduating in 2018, Rupika started working for Flipkart and Dhakad for Brisbane based startup.

Fast forward to 2019, they realized that after 14 years of schooling and 4 years in college they were practically having no skills in coding which can help to add some value.

They both predicted coding is going to be the future and since they both personally faced problems in coding, where students in the coming future could also face these problems.

This is where they started working on starting a platform for children to teach coding and started a prototype with the simple program in 2019, and that’s how codeyoung was commenced.

Here is a Quick overview of codeyoung:



Where does codeyoung stand in 2021?

This edtech-based startup now has a total of 10000+ registered students, with 500+ Trainers conducting 100000+ live classes conducted over 7+ countries of India, The US, The UK, Canada, UAE, Australia, South-east Asia  .

This one-one Teaching Platform has grown from a very small team in 2019 to total employees of 153 in 2021.

Currently, It has been generated  US$ 3 Mn in ARR which is an exponential rate of growth in ed-tech space.

Mr.Shailendra has told “our customer acquisition cost is low and our referrals are quite high” 


Pricing of codeyoung

This Bengaluru-based startup has a wide range of pricing which gives consumers to choose depending upon their kids’ interest in coding.

The pricing has somewhere between US$699 to US$3499 depending on 1-1 class or small group class.


Targeted Market of codeyoung

This IIT-Delhi Alumni founded Startup, has been targeting all over the world but firstly all the English speaking countries kids of age 6-17 years. 


Codeyoung courses

This coding platform has many courses to offer in


for creating stories, animations

Interactive arcade games

MIT app inventor

for developing interactive applications 



for Building interactive websites


for Creating interface applications 

Database Management

Developing an Android App 


for Creating advanced real-world applications

Game development  

Data science 



Codeyoung Funding

In early 2020, this Bengaluru-based ed-tech startup has raised an angel round of INR 3 Mn and started building product, hiring teams, and scaling.

In Aug 2020, Codeyoung has raised an undisclosed amount for the seed round from US-based Guild capital  

Mr.Shailendra has quoted “even today ultimately it’s about product quality if your product quality is good and if we can communicate well, customers do understand”


Codeyoung Expansion Plans

In the coming one-year time i.e by Mar 2022 codeyoung will be planning and expanding to be the US$10 Mn in ARR startup in the edtech space in India.

This kids-focused startup has been aiming to be the US$100 in ARR startup in the span of the next 3 years i.e by 2025.


Codeyoung Competitors 

According to Mr.Shailendra, there is good competition in the edtech space from Whitehatjr and many more startups.



What is an EdTech company?

A Company which provides teaching or certifications courses via internet is a edtech company

Codeyoung Founder

1.Mr.Shaliendra Dhakad 2.Ms.Rupika Taneja

what is Scratch and what can you do with scratch?

A free educational visual programming language developed by MIT Media Lab, Users can create websites using blocks

What is Python used for?

Python is used in Data Science, AI, Web Application Development, IoT, Game Development,Enterprise Applications


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