Glamplus[A new startup helping salons and spas to digitise in 2021]

Glamplus cofounders
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Glamplus is a SaaS enabled Startup 

What is Glamplus?

Glamplus is a SaaS-based platform for Salons, Spas, Gyms, Restaurants to assemble and digitize to a well data-driven platform, founded by Mr.Divyanshu Singh, Mr.Vatsalya Agarwal, Mr.Rohan Singh in the year 2020.

Glamplus aimed at a Mission to “Move offline economy of the salon, spas, gyms to a well data-driven engagement platform so that they can improve their salon & spa experience”

Startup Glamplus
Founded July,2020
Headquarters Bengaluru, India
Products SaaS for Spas, Salons
Revenue Model B2B,B2C,Subscriptions


How did Glamplus start?

In 2020, when Divyanshu was at a salon, he was unable to make a decision that what should be his hairstyle, since there was no past data point to back his present decision to have a specifically certain hairstyle, that’s where he thought there is no such user experience software which is providing this kind of 360° view to customers.

Now, when they started deep-diving into the problem, they started interviewing salons where they were astonished to see that everything is managed offline there they have decided to first solve this problem and move to their customers’ centric solutions.

After comprehensive research, they have started Glamplus in the month of Jul 2020, and that’s how this revolutionary product has come into existence.

Here is a quick overview of Glamplus


Where does it stand now?

This SaaS-based startup has been started with a founding team of 3 in the year 2020 and has grown to a headcount of 30+ in the year 2021.

It has been operational in 4 Cities, with over 500+ partners onboarded on their platform, been served around 15000+ happy customers, with over 1500+ staff to look after the various services in Salons, Spas, etc..,

Exclusive Services/Features

This wellness and grooming startup has complete end-to-end services so that Spas, Salons can focus on customer satisfaction, all those exclusive features under its platform are

  • Appointments and scheduling of bookings of clients
  • Employees Scheduling & Payroll Management
  • Inventory Management such as budgeting, restocking & tracking
  • Tracking down daily, weekly and monthly expenses
  • Analytics of various data such as expenses, revenue, employees for better decisions
  • Campaigns to increase clients engagement and loyalty

Initial Challenges

This grooming startup has initially faced challenges in terms of persuading clients for adoption & moving away from well traditional offline operations to an online-driven economy.

It has also faced many hindrances while scaling up the team as well as while building product where many clients gave feedback to add specific kinds of features.

Mr.Divyanshu has told “after building credibility it’s easy to get customers onboard”

Sales Turnover

Initially, This Bengaluru-based startup has been making IN₹ 50K in July 2020, but has been growing at a Month-on-Month growth rate of 90% and garnering IN₹ 5 Million in revenue now in 2021.


This subscription-based startup has three models of pricing which range from IN₹ 3000, IN₹ 6000, IN₹10000 depending upon services includes such as reminder notification, own logo, Expense management, bulk promotion, etc..,


Targeted Market

This trio-founded startup has been targeting Salons, Spas, in the metro cities. Its potential customers are spas, salons with standalone or with regional multiple branches. It is focusing on the Markets of Asia-Pacific Countries which are growing at 15% YoY(Year-on-Year).   


According to Mr.Singh, ‘there are competitors based out of the US like zenoti, easysalon


This startup wants to vertically deep into the products & expand into the International market such as APAC since it is open.

Glamplus Funding

Glamplus has raised funds after 8 months of operations i.e in the month of April 2021, in its initial pre-seed round of funding of US$ 400K from the likes of Inflection Point Ventures, Bounce COO Anil G, Fitso co-founder Saurabh Aggarwal, Pushkar Thakur MD of Loftus lane, Sachin Khandelwal Bixxie  

Glamplus Founders

Glamplus CEO– Divyanshu Singh, done his MBA from IIM-Lucknow, worked with Ola, Bounce, NinjaKart, Pagarbook.

Rohan Singh, COO, has worked with blackbuck.

Vatsalya Agarwal,CTO, has worked with question technology, khoros, Navya Network.


What is spa?

A fashionable resort or with mineral spring providing facilities concerned to health, fitness, beauty, relexation

What is the difference between salon and saloon? is an art gallery, a large room for entertaining guests 2.Saloon-A lounge bar, A barberhop in (South Asian Countries)

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