Whide[how this Super-App is disrupting the Cab & Food delivery Industries in 2021]


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Whide is the merging of all existing Ride-hailing, E-commerce, and food delivery apps Services into one Super App.  

What is Whide?

Whide is a Deep tech App that provides ride and delivery services, founded in 2020 by Rachitta Juneja on a mission ” to solve Commission Problems faced by MSMEs, Restaurants, Cab Drivers by providing technology to everyone Equally”

This Gurugram-based startup is India’s first App ever to provide one solution for Ride, Hire-Driver, Self-Drive, Delivery, food & shopping with your favorite drivers with No Price-surging and No Commissions whatsoever.

This Super-App provides faster & longer-distance delivery in shopping & food delivery, with the feature Female Trust Rating where female passengers will be able to see how other women rated a particular driver.         

startup Whide
Website whide.com
Founded Feb, 2020
Headquarters Gurugram, India
Products Ride-Hailing & Delivery Services
Revenue Model P2P, Subscriptons

How did Whide start in 2020?

This serial entrepreneur, was the CMO of LetsTrack, before starting Whide, she started observing that Only 4 to 5 companies were controlling the E-commerce Space, charging commissions anywhere between 20%-40%.

As a result, the Margins for all the Merchants, Restaurants, Driver-Partners were minimized, and eventually, Prices were surging for customers, and she thought there was a problem in the current E-com Industry.

So Ms. Rachitta aimed to solve the commission Problem and started building the super App in which all the services were provided with no commissions hence bringing down the prices to customers.

Bootstrapping with INR 30 Mn, in 2019, Ms.Rachitta along with her team started building Whide-Super App and launched it in early 2020 and that’s how the Whide was born.

Quick Overview of Whide



Where does Whide stand in 2021?

This Gurugram-based startup has grown to a total headcount of 30, of which the founding team consisting of IT head from Mychoize and other IT head from Fleet Tracking software, Head of Customer Services from Vodafone, Operations head from Vodafone as well.

There are more than 100+ Registered as Driver Partners, within the first month of operations and the response from them was great where one driver is bringing 10 drivers as they understood some company was thinking about them.

Services that Whide Provides

A Driver- can be used as a driver only for people who have a car but need a driver.

A Vehicle- can be used for self-drive for those who need a car but don’t need a driver.

A cab – can be used as a taxi.

Delivery vehicle- the trunk can be used for delivering parcels/packages.   


Unique Features of Whide App

No Surge Pricing

Transparent Bills

Zero Commissions


Faster Delivery Speed

Your Favorite Drivers

Female Trust Rating

Lower Prices

Delivery from further distances

GPS/DASHCAM Monitored Vehicles 


Whide Pricing

This serial Entrepreneur founded Whide, has been started Ride & Deliver App to empower small businesses, Driver Partners, Merchants without levying heavy commissions that kill businesses and their margins.

As per whide, This super-App charges  Monthly Subscriptions from just INR 299 to INR 1999 


Whide Funding

According to Ms.Rachitta, whide is the self-funded startup 

Whide Expansion

This Gurugram based startup is about to focus on Delhi-NCR for the next 6 months, super-app Whide is going to Launch all 6 services in the time of 1 year.

Since the startup has grown only with the help of word-of-mouth from customers & Driver Partners, They are going to start a marketing campaign soon in the coming weeks.

Ms.CEO, Rachitta has said She was Inspired by the phrase in Bhagavadgita “No Idea is original, everything is the part of you & everything is the part of creation”  


Whide Founder

Ms. Rachitta Juneja is the CEO and founder of whide, a machine learning and artificial intelligence enthusiast who holds a business degree from the National School of Drama. The repertoire is a force to be reckoned with her.  


What is Super app concept?

Super App is the web-app/Android App/ios App designed by companies to provide bunch of services in one App.

What is a Super app example?

1.Whide: Ride-hailing & delivery App, 2.Wechat: Social Networking & Payments App

What is e-commerce and its types?

E-commerce - Buying & selling of Goods & services via Internet ; Types: Business(B), Consumer(C), Administration(A) 1.B2B, 2.B2C, 3.C2B, 4.C2C, 5.B2A, 6.C2A

Is Amazon an e-commerce?

Yes, Amazon is the e-commerce company along with other companies such as Alipay, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Myntra



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