BelievInTech[A New growing web designing Startup in 2021]


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BelievInTech is the Web-development Startup

BelievInTech is the Web Application & Website Development startup, Founded by Ketan Joshi and Abhinav Sharma aimed at a mission “to provide IT and Software Solutions to clients”


Startup BelievInTech
Founded July 24, 2020
Headquarters Sector 45, Unitech Park, Gurgaon
Products Web Development, Web Applications
Revenue Model B2B,B2C


How did BelievInTech start in 2020?

With a Comprehensive career of 8+ years in International Business Development, Mr.Joshi and with 3+ years in coding, Mr.Sharma is working in the same team for a company where Ketan use to give projects to Abhinav.

One day in the month of Nov 2019, in a club, sector 29, Gurgaon where both were enjoying the day, thought of quitting the job to start their journey of Entrepreneurship in the software and web development Industry.

In the month of Feb 2020, they took a co-working Space in sector 29 and started freelancing for few projects. Since Joshi was into international Sales they got their first client from a Marketing company in Sydney, Australia.

Here is a quick overview of BelievInTech



Where does BelievInTech stand in 2021?

This Gurgaon-based startup has grown from 2 founders working in a co-working space in Feb 2020 to a Team of 10 developers. It has worked on over 30 projects since its inception. 

Believeintech has made a whopping INR 6 Mn in the time slice of 6 months with working on the Projects for 18 Clients mainly from countries such as Australia, US, UK. 

Patient Handling, Konservatory, Sapphire, Defiant, SelfHypno, Activeplace to mention a few were the clients of BelievInTech.

Mr.Joshi defined BelievInTech in a single line “Don’t work hard-Do it smartly” was told to Jobifynn


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Does BelievInTech Have an Application?


Is BelievInTech Independent Startup?

Yes, BelievInTech is Registered with the Legal Name of BelievInTech LLP under RoC-Delhi.

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