Glamate[how this beauty care startup is using AI & ML in 2021]

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Glamate is a Beauty-Care Platform

What is Glamate? 

Glamate is India’s first ML and AI-based beauty care aggregator between the Beauty brands and consumers, Founded by Ms.Sharmila Gayathri chalasani in the year 2020, on a mission “to make a better shopping experience for a customer  and to make them choose the right beauty product”

startup Glamate
Founded Jul 2021
Headquarters Hyderabad, India
Products Beauty Care   
Revenue Model B2C,Commissions

How did Glamate start in 2021?

After completing her Master’s in the US, Sharmila Gayathri has started working for United Health Care, but she always thought of Job isn’t her cup of tea and always wanted to do something on her own.

When MS.Gayathri was in the US, she has a severe acne problem hence used many skincare products on a trial & error basis to find out the desired routine, Once she moved back to India she had faced the same problem.

So here she thought of why can’t we use the technology of AI and ML in picking up the right beauty products for one skin, she started working on the idea for 8 months, finally, Glamate has registered in the month of May 2021.

Here is a quick overview of Glamate


Where does it stand now?

This Hyderabad-based startup has grown from the employees of 2 at the time of its inception to a team of 12 now out of which 6 are interns and the other 6 were freelancers.

Targeted Market

This Platform as a service startup has been targeted at the age group of 18-35 Men and Women living in the Tier1, Tier2 cities of India.


This beauty-care startup has a wide variety of products


  • Sunscreen
  • Moisturizer
  • Eye-car


  • Conditioner
  • Oil
  • Serum
  • Shampoo


  • Body Cleanser
  • Body Oils
  • Body Lotions
  • Body Scrub


According to Ms.Chalasani, “we are the only one who is using AI and ML in the Beauty Industry”, She also told that Nykaa, Purplle would be their indirect competitors

How exactly does it work?

Once a User comes to Glamate he/she has to take up a Quiz called ‘Glam Quiz’ where the user has to answer all the questions then signup. Now he/she will see all the recommendations regarding their skincare, haircare, body care products, Have a look at the screenshot below


Salient Features

This AI-backed startup has been technology-driven in such a way that it offers the below exclusive features for the better customer shopping experience

  • Price-Comparison of a product in the various websites so that customers can purchase at a lower price.
  • Suggestions & Recommendations of products depending upon the answers in the Glam-Quiz.

Future Expansion Plans

This Hyderabad-based startup is planning to bring Dermatologists, aestheticians, and consultants under their Platform.

It is also planning to launch its own line of products.

According to MS.CEO, Sharmila, “customers are unpredictable, and it’s really tough to convince them” she has described Glamate as “Mate for your Glamour”



What is a really good skin care routine?

1.Applying the sunscreen when you go out to protect from UV rays, 2.Applying Moisturizer to make skin wet, 3.Cleansing the skin with lotions

Glamate Founders

1.Sharmila Gayathri 2.Vignesh



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