Citilight[An IoT startup growing in the smart street lighting space in 2021]


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Citilight is a smart street lighting system services provider

what is Citilight?

Citilight is an IoT and Hardware-based startup founded by Aman Chawla with his wife Shinjini Chawla, aimed at a mission “to change the lives of a billion People by 2025”

Smart street lighting System startup, Citilight is the clear fusion of modern Technology like IoT with the conventional lighting system.    

startup Citilight
Founded Jun, 2021
Headquarters Gurugram, India
Products smart street lighting system 
Revenue Model B2C, One Time Payment & Subscriptions 


How did Citilight start in 2021?

Coming from a business family, Aman had a degree in Electronics engineering, so he wanted to start a business in LED light bulbs in 2012 when it was a niche market, with a vision to use IoT.

In the year 2013, then known as Aatapaha, started focusing on outdoor space which includes all the street lights. In 2015, it has bagged its first big project of 13000+ street lights in Aligarh city of Uttar Pradesh

In 2016, it has bagged the biggest smart street lighting project for 100+ Municipalities all over India.

In 2020, they have changed the brand name from Aatapaha to present-day Citilight. 


Here is a quick overview of Citilight Citilight  

Where does Citilight stand now?

This Gurugram-based startup has served a total of 120+ cities, 5 Smart cities, It has the likes of  Havells, Energy Efficiency Services limted, Panasonic as its clients.

This smart street light startup has its branches in Kota, Rajasthan, and Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh impacting about 100 Mn lives with its lighting automation project.

Citilight has generated over US$ 3 Mn in revenue till its inception.  

Citilight Expansion

Citilight is aiming to expand its products in the countries of the Middle-east, the US, the UK.

Mr. Aman, the CEO, has defined Citilight as “Street light Re-invented” was told to Jobifynn.  



What is smart street light system?

LED Street lamps having censors communicating reporting the weather conditons with the centralised ann monitored network system.

what are the benefits of smart street light system?

1.Low Power Consumption 2.Low Maintenance cost after Installation 3.Sustainability and Long-lasting 4.Automatic ON/OFF without human Intervention

Which sensor is used in street lights?

PIR-passive infrared sensor for detecting motion IR- infrared sensor for detecting heat and motion of a body



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