Edumpus[A growing Edutech startup for students in 2021]


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Edumpus is the Merging of Amazon and Linkedin Especially for education on a single App

Edumpus is the EduTech Startup founded by Basil Ali and RK Ajesh in the year 2019 on a mission aiming “to Simplify the Admission Process for the students who are aspiring to go to  various universities and colleges Abroad for higher education ” 

Startup Edumpus
Founded Jul 8, 2019
Headquarters Bengaluru, India
Products Educational services
Revenue Model B2B,B2C,Commission

How did Edumpus Start in 2019?

Back in the days when basil and Ajesh were planning to study abroad, they have faced many hindrances in the admission process which are unnecessary and time-consuming to them.

In the year 2016, both basil and Ajesh thought of establishing a platform where aspiring students in the future can have an easy and simple process to study abroad, that’s how the idea to start edumpus came into place.

In 2019, they established the portal edumpus, and has been further improved to be as a platform now in 2021 its been developed as an App.     

Here is a quick overview of Edumpus


Where does Edumpus stands now?

This Edtech startup has two offices in Calicut and Bengaluru for Backend and Frontend services respectively. With a total of employees over 55, it has been partnered with 500+ Universities in over 15+ countries.

Since its Inception into B2C, this Bengaluru-based startup has got more than 6000+ students registration in the year 2021. Edumpus has built its platform in such a way that students can build their network, create community and groups.

Edumpus Expansion

  • It is planning to implement Online courses in the Platform
  • Triage – A platform for Universities
  • Aiming to have Job training for 1000+ women to become education consultancies in India


Mr. Ajesh quoted about edumpus, “To simplify entire admission process and to help all the stake holders in edtech Industry” was told to jobifynn


More About Edumpus


Edumpus Founders

RK Ajesh, the CEO, has done MBA Global from De MontFort University 

Basil Ali, COO, has done Mechanical Engineering from De MontFort University


Edumpus Competitors

Canada-based ApplyBoard, Australia-based IDP Education.


Edumpus Application

Yes, Edumpus has its own app on Google Playstore with the name Edumpus – Get Insight on your Dream Course.


Edumpus Legal Name

Edumpus is registered as Edumpus Portal LLP under RoC-Delhi



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