Croblaze[one of the agritech startups growing very fast in 2021]

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Croblaze, An Agritech Digital Platform connecting the farmers and the consumers

what is Croblaze?

Croblaze is a web-based Agritech delivery startup where customers can place an order of organic Veggies and fruits and get delivered with ease, founded by three students of IEC College of Engineering and Technology,  Anurag Tiwari, Pushkar Mishra, Abhinav Pandey aimed at a mission “to contribute to the beginning of the ending of the Malnutrition in India” with the help of providing fresh and organic Produce to the working men and women.    

startup Croblaze
Founded Jan 17, 2019
Headquarters Noida, India
Products Organic fruits and veggies 
Revenue Model B2B,B2C, Commission


How did Croblaze start in 2019?

After finishing Robocon, these three friends were assigned to a project to survey farmers, at this time they have learned that farmers were facing many challenges in selling their produce with a low margin at a smaller reach. 

These friends have decided to solve the problems farmers are facing and on 18th Aug 2018, they started working on it from Amity Innovation Incubator.

Bootstrapping with INR 250K, This Agritech Startup started its operations in the month of January 2019 from Sector 120, Noida as its office.

Here is a quick overview of Croblaze

croblaze-logoWhere does Croblaze stand now in 2021?

This Agritech Startup has an overall headcount of 23 out of which 3 founders, 2 employees, 14 Interns, 4 Mentors into Strategy & Planning, Marketing, Finance, Technical team. It has added over 3000+ partners to its panel till date, connected with and helping 100+ farmers.

This Noida-based startup has been growing at a very rapid pace thereby generating INR 400K per month in revenue and has garnered GMV over INR 5.5 Mn annually.

Croblaze Funding

At present, the organic fruits and veggies-based startup is incubated by Amity Innovation Incubator.    

Croblaze Expansion

This Agritech startup is focused on expanding to the entire Greater Noida region then Delhi-NCR Region and eventually Tier 2 cities in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh.

It is also aiming to inculcate Nutrition Advisory in the coming future.

CMO of Croblaze, Mr. Abhinav quoted as “Croblaze is a Platform that is making our farmer brothers wealthier as well as our customers healthier” was told to Jobifynn


More About Croblaze  


Croblaze Application

Yes, It has its App on Google PlayStore as “CROBLAZE” with a rating of 4.9 stars.  


Croblaze Founders

Anurag Tiwari, the CEO

Munishwar Gairole, CTO 

Pushkar Mishra, COO

Abhinav Pandey,CMO 


Croblaze Competitors

Bigbasket, Otipy, Gharkisabze, SuperMarkets


Is Croblaze Independent ?

Yes, Croblaze is registered as “Croblaze Agritech Private Limited” under RoC-Kanpur


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