TutorCabin[A New edtech startup helping with free education to children who lost parents due to covid-19]


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TutorCabin is an Edtech Startup 

What is TutorCabin?

TutorCabin is a Digital Educational services startup that provides complete educational services to students from Nursery to college, and aspirants appearing for various competitive examinations, founded by Neha Mujawdiya in the year 2018.

Started on a mission “to deliver quality education to every student and eliminate the exam phobia among aspirants appearing for competitive exams”

Envisioned itself Tutorcabin, “to be a complete education solution provider with end-to-end services”  

Startup TutorCabin
Website Tutorcabin.com
Founded Oct 2018
Headquarters Indore, India
Products Online education
Revenue Model B2C, Subscriptions

How did TutorCabin start in 2018?

Being a village girl since her childhood, Ms.Mujawdiya has faced many challenges and difficulties in pursuing her education and it was stuck deep in her mind to ease this problem completely. She always believed“quality education is the right of every human to have a better life” 

As a result of tutorcabin students can get a quality education and their education should not get hindered due to a lack of resources.

With a minuscule budget of INR 25000, Neha has set up an office in 2018 at co-work space, started hiring, training tutors, has started the tutorcabin that is how it been started.

Here is a quick overview of Tutorcabin



Where does Tutorcabin stand now?

This Indore-based startup has grown from 1 teacher in 2018 to a team of 1000+ teachers, with 500+ satisfied parents in the year 2021.

This edtech startup is been teaching subjects from Accountancy to Taxation, from Anthropology to sociology, from business maths to biological sciences, Psychology to food & Nutrition, from French to German.

It provides education in an edutainment way so that each and every student be it pre-primary, primary, or higher level so that they can be entertained and learned.

How does Tutorcabin work?

This tutor-based startup has a login form after which students will attend classes. It uses AI technique to teach each and every student depending upon his respective topic wise, state board wise, and Regional language-wise to make students learn with ease.

According to Ms.Mujawdiya, Tutorcabin teaches every topic with conceptual understanding, and never allows students to have more than 5 in a group to give maximum attention possible, then Online Tests are being conducted on the students based on his/her individual level, state level.

Students can access Live recordings of the classes at any time and get their doubts clarified with 24*7 question solving live support.  

Parents Login

This woman-led startup has a unique one of its kind login platform for each and every parent so that parents can check the day-to-day study activities of their kids such as

  • To know what kid has studied on any given day
  • Topics and subject matter covered
  • Assignments given to students
  • Deadline of Assignments
  • Comprehensive details of each and every Test
  • Immediate Notification if the child has missed any class 

If any parent misses out on the Parent’s login they can attend PTMs, to communicate regarding the students’ progress. 

Targeted Market

Targeting Pan India, This Indore based startup has been focusing on Tier1 to Tier4 cities of Agra, NCR-Delhi, Bengaluru, Bhopal, Indore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata, Mysore, Kochi, Kanpur, Madhurai, Surat, Pune, etc., and many Indian students who are living in USA.


Pricing Of Tutorcabin

Since This edtech startup offers a very wide range of courses, depending upon the class, subject, exams, group, or 1-1, it has the pricing from as low as INR 200 to as high as INR 250K.

Free education

This online Tutor startup provides free classes for English language to everyone and it provides free education to the students who lost their parents due to covid.

Expansion of Tutorcabin

This one-to-one tutor startup is been planning to achieve 250K – 300K students to enroll as registered users on its platform till academic year 2021-2022

Tutorcabin Funding

According to Neha, CEO, they are in final talks with the investors.

Tutorcabin Accomplishments

It has been recognized as one of the top 60 startups of Kuberan house and won prize money of US$ 5 Grands and was also recognized by IIM-Bangalore


What is EduTech?

Providing educational services be it courses, certification, training etc., over internet

Which is correct EdTech or EduTech?

Both edtech and edutech represents the same meaning and are used interchangeably

What is EdTech market?

People who are ready to take up the course, online educational training in a specific geographical and demographical representation is often referred to edtech market

What is an EdTech company?

A company which uses technology involving software(apps or website),hardware(data centres), to deliver educational services over internet to different parts of the world is referred to an Edtech company such as Byju's,Teachmint,TutorCabin and etc..,

Is EdTech an industry?

Yes, Edtech is an industry that has taken shape in the very recent time


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