Wholemark[how this new logistics startup is helping MSMEs in 2021]


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Wholemark is a Nano-Warehousing and Logistics Management Startup

What is wholemark?

Wholemark is the supply chain for D2C businesses and MSMEs providing nano-warehousing and end-to-end logistics services, founded by Srinith Madapathi and Laxmi Priya Guttikonda in the year 2020.

Established on  a mission “to create nano-warehouses in almost every part of India & build warehousing network for more efficient supply chain” 

envisioned itself “to be an Omnichannel space for D2C brands” 

startup Wholemark
Website wholemark.in
Founded Aug 2020
Headquarters Hyderabad, India
Products Logistics Services  
Revenue Model B2B, Profit Sharing

How did wholemark start in 2020?

Before starting wholemark, Laxmi Priya used to run a coffee shop, whereas Srinith is a serial entrepreneur with two startups on his resume, and both were friends from long before.

Fast forward to 2018, they started the distribution channel and guiding small brands on how to do proper packaging, selling marginally which eventually led many small brands to onboard.

As a result of covid, in 2020, many MSMEs were shutting down which led them to rethink the existing model and started nano-warehousing & logistics management.

Bootstrapping with INR 2Mn, these two friends have registered it in Aug 2020, and that’s how the wholemark was established.

Here is a quick overview of wholemark



Where does wholemark stand now in 2021?

This Hyderabad-based startup has grown from starting with 2 persons in 2018 to a team of 10 in 2021, and there are delivery partners that are contract-basis sometimes doing on daily basis as well.

Currently, this logistics startup has been garnering over INR 60k per month in revenue with over 2000+ orders monthly.

This warehouse management startup is being Operational with nano-warehouses in the cities of Hyderabad, Mumbai, Vijayawada, Bengaluru, Visakhapatnam.

This serial entrepreneur-led startup is being partnered with 9 D2C brands of Prioclean, Swatra, Cosmya, Nutribee, Zilli’s, Strategi, Grocebee, and many more were being lined up for coming months.    

Services of wholemark

This B2B brand offers various services to D2C brands in the warehousing & Logistics Industry for products such as FMCG, Food, Cosmetics.

Product Storage in nano warehouses

Product Packaging

Inventory Management

Invoice generation


wholemark Funding

This Hyderabad-based startup has been funded by the undisclosed investor that is basically an HNI and has raised about US$ 110K against 25% of the stake in the wholemark. 


Targeted Market

Wholemark wants to establish itself as one of the growing startups in the D2C ecosystem. It wants to build nano-warehouses in almost every Tier1, Tier2, Tier3 city in India.

This startup has targeted the likes of Men apparel giant Menxp, Women & Men’s grooming company Bombay shaving company, Earphones & headphones giant BoAt.

Mr.Srinith, the CEO has said “making a product is easy but marketing it and placing the product in the market was quite tough”


Wholemark Expansion

By the end of the year 2021, this logistics startup wants to expand completely in the cities of Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru.

They want to raise round Pre-Series A funds by the end of the year most probably in Oct 2021.

Mr.Madapathi has described wholemark as “we are a company that stores products strategically in different locations so that we can provide your orders within 2 hours” 



What is D2C platform?

A company which sells its products or services directly to consumers/customers via website or App.

What is D2C example?

BoAt, Menxp, Jockey, Zara, Louis Vuitton are few examples of D2C

What is a logistics startup?

A startup that facilitates the smooth movement of good from one location to another location. for example Wholemark

Is logistic a profitable business?

Yes, Logistics is profitable business but has many expenses to be taken care of transportation, delivery partners, storage, if all these things manageable then its profitable

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