Uclean[how this laundromat startup is growing very fast in US$76 bn Laundry services industry]

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Uclean is a web and App-based Laundromat  digital Startup

What is Uclean?

Uclean is a Laundromat startup that provides Laundry services, dry cleaning, shoe cleaning, bag cleaning, car cleaning, sofa cleaning, carpet cleaning, founded by Arunabh Sinha, Gunjan Taneja, Dinesh Kumar, Aman Sawaran, on a mission “to clean every inch of the space that is there to be cleaned”.

This laundry services aggregator aims at transparency as its utmost priority where customers can see machines, chemicals, and detergents used in washing clothes and the way clothes are being handled.  

startup Uclean
Website www.uclean.in
Founded Jan, 2017
Headquarters Faridabad, India
Products Laundry Services 
Revenue Model B2C,B2C, One Time Payment & Subscriptions 


How did Uclean start in 2017?

During his first venture, Franglobal in 2010, Arunabh has to travel a lot to south-east Asia in particular to Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Manila where he got his first exposure to Laundromat culture.

In 2015, he sold off Franglobal to Franchise India and joined Treebo, as business head for North India, During which this serial Entrepreneur has learned how unorganized the laundry industry was back then. 

In the second half of 2016, Mr. Sinha has left his job in Treebo and started research on laundry services providers, the size of the market, challenges in the market, finally in 2017, Uclean was born with two franchises in Gurugram and Delhi. 

Quick overview of Uclean



Where does Uclean stand now?

This laundromat startup has a total of  250+ outlets in 67+ cities of India, In the journey of  4.5 years, it has grown as one of the top 4 largest Laundromat startups in the world and by far the largest laundry franchising startup in India.

This laundry services provider has a total of employees of 64 all over branches of Hyderabad, Karnataka, Kolkata, Gujarat, Maharashtra.

This Faridabad-based startup has grown exponentially and has a GMV of around US$5 Mn since its commencement of operations. 

Uclean’s Expansion

Uclean is aiming to expand the outlets to 500+ in 100+ cities and 5 international markets of Katmandu, Dhaka, South East Asian countries of Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines. 

Uclean Funding

The Laundry Services Startup has raised about total funds of US$1.5 Mn , Majority of it came from Franchise India, which is the world’s largest franchising & Licensing company,and some of the equity pie of Uclean is owned by few HNI.



What laundromat means?

A self-service facility with coin-operated washing machines, dryers, ironing or pressing machines, open to the public for washing clothing and household cloth items

What are the types of laundry?

Small laundromats-smaller shop spaces medium laundromats large laundromats Staffed laundries fluff&fold services dry cleaning

What is the purpose of a laundromat?

laundromats are mainly beneficial for easy washing of clothes with just dropping coin in the machine

Uclean Owner

Arunabh Sinha

Uclean price List

1.wash & fold INR 60/kg 2. wash & Iron INR 90/kg 3.sofa cleaning starts at 300/seat 4.carpet cleaning starts at 20/sq feet 5.shoe dry cleaning starts at 250/pair 6.shoe laundry starts at 200/pair

Uclean franchise cost

Investment INR 10-20 lac Franchise /brand fee INR 500,000 Royalty/Commission 7%


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